27 Mar - 29 Mar 2015

You are more than welcome at 'Erotiek aan de Maas' and we hope that you will greatly enjoy your visit to our exhibition. In order to keep it fun and safe for you and others, and to avoid misunderstandings, we have a few house rules:

Wristband (your entry ticket): 
This should be kept on your wrist (visual) at all times during your stay. Without original (undamaged) wristband you will be sent away. 

Safety / Security:
Every visitor can/may be checked at the entrance for your and our safety. Weapons / knifes and alcohol will be confiscated. Drugs are NOT permitted!

It is not allowed to take pictures /film inside the event hall (including “selfies”!!!). Respect the privacy of the other visitors/staff/crew. 

- Animals are not allowed at the event hall.
- The event hall is smoking-free.
- Full nudity is not allowed for visitors in the public areas of the event.
- Visitors are not allowed to promote/sample/offer/sell any products/services.

Please note: The minimum age for entering this event is 18!
You must show your ID for age control at the entrance.


You are very welcome to enjoy/have fun at the event.

Your freedom is stopping when you are disturbing the (similar) freedom of any other visitors/staff/crew. This is also valid for excessive alcohol use/misuse – do not drink more than you can handle. We will not tolerate any misbehaving. We will not hesitate to send you away in any case of alcohol abuse or harassment / disturbing of other visitors/staff/crew.

Enjoy and let others enjoy themselves too!!!