27 Mar - 29 Mar 2015

Sex Theater at EROTIEK AAN DE MAAS :

For the first time Charisma Gold Entertainment will operate the Sex Theater at our fair, a separate area which you can enter if you choose to, at an additional fee.
The theater is a closed area and is less crowdy than it is around the main podium. The shows in the theater are going a few steps further than the shows on the main podium... Watch from close by, seating is not far from the small theater stage. There are single performer and two performers shows.

An entrance ticket is valid for 2 performances in a row (15-20 minutes). For the timetable of the theater shows, please check the theater entrance point. The price for an entrance ticket for the theater is 10,- euro.
It is also possible to rent the theater between shows, for a group or private show - mail us your request by using the contact form on this website.


Debbie (Ashley's Striptease Entertainment)





After "50 Shades of Grey" everybody wants it: BDSM. Dark, desire, unknown, passionate, forbidden and true love.
But what is true of the BDSM stories in the book? Is that really it? What could be there, hiding the dark?

A group of enthusiastic people are willing to show you their stories and plays with things like: bondage, whips, clamps, wax and much more.
And if you dare, you can ask them questions afterwards.

Each day, the whole day long the BDSM stage at EROTIEK AAN DE MAAS will be filled with all kind of different plays to entertain you. From Mistresses to Sadistic Dominants, from masochistic to submissive slaves, everything will be shown.


The group philosophy is that BDSM is for everyone, young and old.
BDSM is just like a big cookbook, you just pick the things you like and try a new recipe every now and then. And once you are confident enough, you develop your own menu.


Show Time Crew

The Show Time Crew will be performing several striptease acts on the main stage during the entire weekend.